Internet Adventures #1 : Nanami Madobe CARD BATTLE

7th September 2012
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If I were to say “card battle game” to you, you'd probably think of Pokemon, Magic: the gathering and maybe a few card-battle inspired videogames currently making the rounds in various app-stores. You wouldn't think of Microsoft.

Kotaku initially reported on this. As the article explains, Nanami Madobe is the mascot character used by Microsoft for the Windows 7 operating system in Japan. She even appeared in an official animated commercial. The game features her; Let’s take a look at it.

Nanami Card Battle - gameplay

Firstly, the game is placed in the “Smart Business Center” of the website, which seems to be a public-relations blog that is light in tone. All of the content is related to the promotion of Microsoft products and addressing concerns a business might have about choosing them. The game itself is implemented with HTML and Javascript (WOW NOT SILVERLIGHT?!) It doesn’t even ask me to use Internet Explorer... Very strange for Microsoft. Are they plotting something? Anyway, this has the nice consequence of letting Chromium translate all the Japanese text in to Engrish for me. The translations continue as the game progresses, great. The “enemies" are situations (red cards), your blue cards are potential solutions. So really the purpose is to reinforce the player's knowledge about the features of Windows 7, and how good it is...

Nanami Card Battle - WINNING

Even though I'm playing the game machine-translated, it's really easy...

Nanami Card Battle - Game Over

Cleared it. some sort of epilogue. Didn't screenshot all of it, since the translation is so bad.

Nanami Card Battle - Ancient Secret Wallpapers

Ah, what? Exclusive wallpapers? Okay, I'll download them!

Nanami: “Survey first, please.”

....MICROSOFT!! This took longer to fill-in than clearing the game. Subscription to the newsletter seemed to be mandatory, too. Now we know what their agenda was...

Pretty small

The resolution is relatively small (it does zoom-to-fit acceptably though). Also I'm a linux user so this doesn't really make sense. I do have a windows XP install in VirtualBox, and I usually run it at a smaller resolution... I'll use it there.